Lichtenberg Bowls

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Jim creates a number of bowls with the Lichtenberg figuring. These are a variety of woods in a variety of sizes. Each is truly unique in both the figuring of the wood and through the Lichtenberg process.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 115 cm

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    5 out of 5


    I’ve seen this process in action and the wonderful variety of patterns the “Lichtenberg device” can make. It’s truly art for display. However I know that from being an electrician in a past career, this is absolutely something not many should try at home. This kind of voltage WILL KILL very quickly. There are many who have died from this and many more who have been severely burned using this exact method.
    Save yourself from burning or worse, don’t try it. Just buy it.

    Please know and understand, I have absolutely no association with Jim or his products. I’ve never seen or talked with him and probably never will.
    I do however watch a lot of wood turning on YouTube and I’m just starting to turn wood myself, but there’s something I really like about Jim’s turning. He leaves some wood on his bowels, something I really don’t understand about most turners who go thin, thin, all the time!
    Heck, if you were to drop most of the bowels I’ve seen, they would need a lot of CA glue to put it back together.
    Best wishes. Greg in MN



      Thanks for your comments Greg, your right, fracatal burning is a very dangerous process and I only use a hands free method and others that do this should do the same, thanks again. Jim

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