Care for your woodturning

The Sprague Woodturning bowl you have purchased or received as a gift is unique. There is no other iike yours in the world.


Care for your wooden bowl

  1. Do not put your bowl or any other wood products in the dishwasher. Wooden bowls can’t take the heat and water that a dishwasher uses in its cleaning cycle.
  2. To wash your bowl, place it in the sink with warm soapy water. Wash and dry it ASAP. Do not let your bowl soak in the water, this will be bad for it!
  3. Your bowl is covered with Generals Salad Bowl Finish, and will require little to no maintenance. If the need arises it can be purchased online at Woodchuckers, or Wood Essence To refinish your bowl, use 0000 steel wool that can be bought at any hardware store and buff entire surface to remove any scratches and make sure to completely remove any residue from the steel wool prior to applying the finish. Once the surface is ready for the finish, simply follow the directions on the can and your bowl will be as good as new!

8 Responses

  1. jane stott

    I purchased your cherry and alabaster wooden board that has an inlay of black grooves that look like beautiful tree branches and roots. I am very interested in the process you used to get this finish. Could you please explain it to me. Something about an electrical charge if I remember correctly?

  2. Jim

    Hi Jane

    I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner, this is the first time I’m seeing this. It’s called fractal burning and it’s done with the use of electricity and a baking soda and water solution. If you go to my YouTube channel there are a couple of videos there showing the process.

  3. gerald lord

    Just would like to know what your general finish do you use,look like a liquid you squirter on.

  4. Jim Sprague

    I was using General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish but they no longer make it. It’s now called Wood Bowl finish and they’ve taken the food safe tags off the can so I can no longer use this finish on my functional work. Jim

  5. Rick Potter

    I’m am learning bowling and I am wanting to try new things so after watching you over and over I have decided to adventure into epoxy work. Needless to say my first attempt was not all that great. Ok but not good enough for me. Can I ask your opinion on what went wrong? To start with I used a cheap epoxy. Do not have the funds to throw good money away on bad work so I started cheap. The epoxy got very hot and was set up in about 3 hours. When I started turning there were big bubbles in the epoxy. My question is we’re the bubbles from cheap epoxy or because I don’t have a pressure pot. I would appreciate any input. Thanks

  6. Jim Sprague

    Designer Epoxy is some of the cheapest Epoxy on the market and also some of the best as well. Sounds like you poured it too deep and this is why you got lots of bubbles. You don’t need a pressure pot but it is preferred. I would recommend using Deep Cast from Designer Epoxy for pours over one inch, use my code inlayjim for your discount. Hope this helps. Jim

  7. Carolyn

    Hi Jim,
    I recently discovered your YouTube channel, your work is stunning. Forgive me if this has been answered before, but how might I go about commissioning a piece from you? I often hear you say that fans have sent in local materials for use..

    Thank you

  8. Jim Sprague

    Hi Carolyn

    Unfortunately I’m not taking any commissions at this time.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.