Jim in the shop

This video is of Jim working around the shop. Jim takes rough logs and turns them into various bowls from start to finish. A must watch.

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  1. Ken Hawkins


    What kind/size squirrel cage exhaust fan did you use on your refrigerator kiln?

    Ken Hawkins
    Fairfield Turnings
    Fairfield, Virginia

  2. Jim Sprague

    To be totally honest I don’t know. The fan has a 50cfm tho and it’s probably about 5” across.

    Hope this helps


  3. Norman Marentette

    Jim just bought a new laguna 1836 2hp. lathe. Wondering what type or size of 4 jaw chuck to buy? Thinking of superNOVA G2 for large bowls? 12 – 15″ dia… Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    Thx. Norm.

  4. bill d

    jim where can i find 1 1/4″ by 8 nuts to make flanges. and what type of pellets do you use for hot glue.thanks

  5. Jim Sprague

    Hi Bill

    You will need to find a specialty store that sells large nut and bolts like Fastenall here in Canada. I get my hot melt glue from Canadian Tire here in Canada as well.

    Safe turning

  6. bill d

    Hi Jim I am going to buy a hercules tool which one do you use thanks .billd

  7. Daniel

    I am new to turning and would like to know where you get your wood blanks for large bowls. I am in Belleville, MI.


  8. Jim Sprague

    Since your south of the border I can’t really help you out other than suggesting putting an on Craig’s list or your local buy and sell to get logs. Jim

  9. Jim Sprague

    I like the larger 5/8s one. Thanks

  10. Dave Gregoroff

    Only one problem with what I’ve watched.
    Just wish I’d seen this before I turned 70.
    Oh well, I got a few years left.

  11. Don

    What size is your largest pressure pot & where did you buy it.
    Enjoying your videos

  12. Al Rosenberger

    My name is Al Rosenberger, I’m from Newaygo Michigan. I love to watch all your videos. You do a great job explaining why you do what you do and I appreciate it! I have a question about the deep poor epoxy. I want to use what you use from designer epoxy in Canada.
    That being said if I understand correctly to use a pressure pot should I only use the deep poor epoxy? I have never used epoxy before so I’m new to this, and I believe you use the deep poor because of the thickness. Correct? Thank you in advance for any help.
    Sincerely, Al Rosenberger

  13. Jim Sprague

    Hi Al

    You can use the pressure pot for all resins except the UV resin because it’s cured with UV light. Don’t forget to use my code inlayjim for you’re discount. Thanks for watching!

  14. Jim Sprague

    My largest pressure pot can hold pieces that are 14.5” in diameter and I purchased it from California Air Tools. Thanks for watching!

  15. Clete Nelessen

    I got into turning about a year go and have been enjoying it. My biggest problem is drying the wood. I have twice turned bowls but still after completion I still get movement. I have used a microwave and weigh between steps. I hear people use old refrigerators with a light bulb. looking for guidance and suggestions.
    Thanks for all your videos
    Clete Nelessen

  16. Chuck Cohen

    Hi Jim

    After watching your videos I have started turning wood and resin, on my third piece. I have the Hercules and I am very happy with it for the most part. Here is the question I guy tons of tear out and chatter when I put the piece on for the first time and start to true it. When I say tons the entire piece is nothing but chatter and tear outs. I am turning slow at first since the piece isn’t true. Could that be the problem ? I’m kinda at a loss. Thanks in advance Jim

  17. Jim Sprague

    Hi Clete

    I actually shot a video on my YouTube channel where I show how to make a Fridge kiln.


  18. Jim Sprague

    Hi Chuck

    This is normal, I usually have the same issue until you keep the bevel rubbing on the surface of the wood all the time. Higher speeds will help.