Jim in the shop

This video is of Jim working around the shop. Jim takes rough logs and turns them into various bowls from start to finish. A must watch.

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  1. Ken Hawkins
    | Reply


    What kind/size squirrel cage exhaust fan did you use on your refrigerator kiln?

    Ken Hawkins
    Fairfield Turnings
    Fairfield, Virginia

    • Jim Sprague
      | Reply

      To be totally honest I don’t know. The fan has a 50cfm tho and it’s probably about 5” across.

      Hope this helps


  2. Norman Marentette
    | Reply

    Jim just bought a new laguna 1836 2hp. lathe. Wondering what type or size of 4 jaw chuck to buy? Thinking of superNOVA G2 for large bowls? 12 – 15″ dia… Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    Thx. Norm.

  3. Shelley Lorber
    | Reply

    Please where can I purchase one of your finished platters or bowls.

    Thank You

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